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Bubble word meaning and definition

Beside meaning and definition for word "bubble", on this page you can find other interesting information too, like synonyms or related words. On bottom of the page we have fun area, like tarot cards, numerology for these Six characters, how to write "bubble" with bar codes or hand signs and more.. Table of Contents:

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Meaning and definition for "bubble" word

[noun] a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic
[noun] an impracticable and illusory idea; "he didn't want to burst the newcomer's bubble"
[noun] a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control; "his proposal was nothing but a house of cards"; "a real estate bubble"
[noun] a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
[verb] expel gas from the stomach; "In China it is polite to burp at the table"
[verb] form produce, or emit bubbles, as of liquids or gases; "The soup was bubbling"
[verb] flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise, as of water; "babbling brooks"
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\Bub"ble\, n. [Cf. D. bobbel, Dan. boble, Sw. bubbla. Cf. {Blob}, n.] 1. A thin film of liquid inflated with air or gas; as, a soap bubble; bubbles on the surface of a river. Beads of sweat have stood upon thy brow, Like bubbles in a late disturbed stream. --Shak. 2. A small quantity of air or gas within a liquid body; as, bubbles rising in champagne or a["e]rated waters. 3. A globule of air, or globular vacuum, in a transparent solid; as, bubbles in window glass, or in a lens. 4. A small, hollow, floating bead or globe, formerly used for testing the strength of spirits. 5. The globule of air in the spirit tube of a level. 6. Anything that wants firmness or solidity; that which is more specious than real; a false show; a cheat or fraud; a delusive scheme; an empty project; a dishonest speculation; as, the South Sea bubble. Then a soldier . . . Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mouth. --Shak. 7. A person deceived by an empty project; a gull. [Obs.] ``Ganny's a cheat, and I'm a bubble.'' --Prior.
\Bub"ble\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Bubbled}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Bubbling}.] [Cf. D. bobbelen, Dan. boble. See {Bubble}, n.] 1. To rise in bubbles, as liquids when boiling or agitated; to contain bubbles. The milk that bubbled in the pail. --Tennyson. 2. To run with a gurgling noise, as if forming bubbles; as, a bubbling stream. --Pope. 3. To sing with a gurgling or warbling sound. At mine ear Bubbled the nightingale and heeded not. --Tennyson.

Synonyms for bubble

babble, belch, burble, burp, eruct, guggle, gurgle, house of cards, ripple

See also: air bubble | breathe | breathe | bubble over | covering | effervesce | emit | emit | fancy | fantasy | fizz | foam | foam | froth | froth | globule | go | illusion | overflow | pass off | pass off | phantasy | scheme | soap bubble | sound | sparkle | spill over | strategy |

Related terms: ball, blubber, droplet, ephemera, feather, fiction, fluff, hump, imagining, invention, lip, make much of, misconception, nevus, orblet, pellet, swish, thick-coming fancies, wart, welt, whim, wildest dreams

The fun area, different aproach to word »bubble«

Let's analyse "bubble" as pure text. This string has Six letters in Two syllables and Two vowels. 33.3% of vowels is 5.3% less then average English word. Written in backwards: ELBBUB. Average typing speed for these characters is 1590 milliseconds. [info]

Morse code: -... ..- -... -... .-.. .


Hearts desire number calculated from vowels: bubble: 3 + 5 = 8, reduced: 8 . and the final result is Eight.
Destiny number calculated from all letters: bubble: 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 5 = 17, reduced: 8, and the final result is Eight.

Tarot cards

Letter Num. Tarot c. Intensity Meaning
B (3) 2 High Priestess Compassionate, Caring, Knowing
E (1) 5 Hierophant Wise, Crafty, Daring, Inventive
L (1) 12 Hanged Man Leader, Teacher, Healer, Decisive
U (1) 21 World Gifted, Generous, Bountiful

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